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We are the only recruitment consultancy in the UK who work exclusively in the Roofing Sector.


We make an important contribution to meeting the demand for our clients in a competitive, candidate driven, market and have the capacity to introduce Executives to control, run and manage your organisation, as well as specialising in the provision of the vitally important white collar workers who ensure your business is ran to the highest standard.


We are serious about Roofing Recruitment.

As the industry grows and the talent pool gets smaller due to various issues such as the Generation Gap, we completely understand the issues you are having in attracting and retaining high-quality professionals. That is why our team of business analysts are tracking the movements of all the main players in our industry every single day. This means that as soon as a vacancy arises, we will instantly be able to give you exposure to the entire market.


It's simple.

It's simple. If you are serious about attracting and retaining operational, sales, executive or financial personnel in the roofing industry. You need to contact McCormack Partners today!

Our process


Taking the job specification

Taking the job specification is the single most important factor for us to guarantee success for your organisation. We will require at the very least, 1 hour to understand the ethos of the hiring manager, the purpose of the role and the culture and vision of the business as a whole.  This is absolutely vital in attracting candidates who are not on the market and for allowing us to best represent your organisation to the roofing market.

Our first questions will be: "Why would someone quit a job they are happy in to come and work for you?"

Advertising the position

Advertising the position is good for attracting passive candidates, however we have found that the success rate from advertisements is very low. To ensure no stone is left unturned for our clients we still advertise the positions and create obscure job advertisements which make the post stand out, Every time we work with you, the vacancy will be posted on LinkedIn, Google4Jobs, TotalJobs, Jobsite, CV Library, Indeed, REED, Monster and where applicable on certain industry magazine's such as Roofing Today, RCI Mag, Builders Merchant News, Total Contractor etc.

Database Headhunting

 This is where we differentiate ourselves. As opposed to recruiting traditional recruitment consultants, we have invested in a business analysis team who have mapped out the entire roofing market. This means we will instantly be given the contact details and resume's of all the candidates in your market in the location you are recruiting for. If you are a Manufacturer, Contractor, Distributor or a Merchant, we have the entire market mapped out to ensure our clients have the best possible service.


 Using intricate interview tactics, we will meet and interview every single candidate we put forward to your organisation. We also offer psychometric testing and video's of our interviews so you can see exactly what we see when interviewing the candidates. 

References Checked

 As we all know, there are a multitude of candidates on the market that are absolute experts at selling themselves, not always experts of the actual job!  We ensure we know the real story by taking references of all their past managers and in certain cases even some client references.

Shortlist Sent

After our process is completed, you will be given a spreadsheet with an outline of the individual qualities of each candidate as well as detailed notes and their CV.  We will be in-depth in our screening so you don't need to waste your valuable time in 'guessing' around the CV. 

It will be then down to yourself to decide who to shortlist for interview.